5/12     3:00 PM     LAC Main Stage     (Short Film Program)

Narrative / 15 min

The lustful pursuits of a frontier husband and his mistress, his wife’s dark-haired sister, turn to violence when their tryst is almost discovered. To conceal their affair and secure her lover’s commitment, the mistress murders her sister and sets the body afloat on a meandering river.A traveling musician comes across the body of the fair-haired woman. Stricken with grief, the minstrel meditates over the body, and when he arrives at the harvest ball with a scared fiddle, its song will give voice to the murdered woman.Set in the late 19th Century and inspired by a traditional murder ballad, ‘Two Sisters’ explores the primal urges, which dwell within the recesses of our human existence, and is an ode to music’s ability to transcend our physical world and heal what ails us. Meant as a continuation of a dialog and the oral narrative tradition, which stems from the continued reinterpretation of traditional ballads, ‘Two Sisters’ revels in the music it grew from and makes visual the story locked in a song.

DIRECTOR Anthony Ladesich


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