5/13     7:00 PM     LAC Main Stage     (preceded by IRIS & TERATOPHOBIA)

Narrative / 82 min

A mother and her three daughters are on their way to pick up their father from the airport when they are caught up in a tornado. They are forced to take shelter in a cute Kansas home. While, in the cellar, they are trapped by a falling tree. They soon discover that they are not alone.

DIRECTOR Patrick Rea PRODUCERS Patrick Rea, Aaron Laue SCREENWRITERS Patrick Rea, Kendal Sinn CINEMATOGRAPHER Hanuman Brown-Eagle EDITOR Josh Robinson PRODUCTION DESIGNER Misti Boland SOUND DESIGN Ryan Jones MUSIC Julian Bickford

CAST Erin McGrane, Meg Saricks, Emily Boresow, Sally Spurgeon

ATTENDING in person
Patrick Rea graduated from the University of Kansas in December 2002. Patrick received a degree in film studies with a minor in communications. A native Nebraskan, Patrick has been making short films the last 7 years. He formed the company SenoReality Pictures with collaborator Ryan Jones. Two of SenoReality Picture’s student films were winners in the Fangoria’s Blood Drive contest. The DVD was released nationally in 2004 through Koch Entertainment and was hosted by Rob Zombie. Several other student shorts directed by Rea have been released on both “Hollywood Scarefest” DVDs, distributed by Vanguard Cinema. Since 2004, Rea’s has directed many more short films that have screened at festivals such as Palm Beach International Film Festival, Shriekfest LA, The New York City Horror Film Festival, and Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors. These shorts have also screened on FangoriaTV, Horror Channel and


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