The Replay Lounge’s Spring Into Summer Music Festival will take place on Saturday, May 12, featuring band performances throughout the day and evening. Free State Film Festival passholders will receive $2 off wristbands and Spring Into Summer Music Festival attendees will receive $2 off Free State Film Festival passes and $1 off single tickets on Saturday, May 12.

4:30 PM The Recessionists Replay: Outside / Street
5:30 PM The Hips Replay: Outside / Street
6:30 PM Approach Replay: Outside / Street
7:30 PM Fourth of July Replay: Outside / Street
8:50 PM The Hearts Of Darkness Replay: Outside / Street
10:00 PM JabberJosh Replay: Inside
10:45 PM Dry Bonnet Replay: Inside
11:30 PM Nature Boys Replay: Inside
12:15 AM Mouthbreathers Replay: Inside
1:00 AM Up The Academy Replay: Inside

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