THIS IS MARTIN BONNER, directed by Chad Hartigan, Audience Award Winner – Sundance Film Festival NEXT Category. Martin Bonner has just moved to Reno for a new job in prison rehabilitation. Starting over at age 58, he struggles to adapt until an unlikely friendship with an ex-con blossoms, helping him confront the issues he left behind.

COMPUTER CHESS, directed by Andrew Bujalski. Winner of the Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize – Sundance Film Festival. An artificially intelligent comedy about computer chess programmers set some decades ago – when the contest between technology and the human spirit seemed more up for grabs.

A BAND CALLED DEATH, directed by Mark Covino and Jeff Howlett. Audience Award Winner – Documentary / SXSW. A documentary on the 1970s punk trio Death, and their new-found popularity decades after they disbanded.

THE RETRIEVAL, directed by Chris Eske. Special Jury Award – Acting / SXSW. On the outskirts of the Civil War, a boy is sent north by a bounty hunter gang to retrieve a wanted man.

SOUND CITY, directed by Dave Grohl. A documentary film about the history of fabled Los Angeles recording studio, Sound City Studios 

SMALL APARTMENTS, directed by Jonas Åkerlund. Dark comedy written and adapted by Chris Wilis about a run down apartment complex and the characters who reside in it.

THE NEW PUBLICdirected by Jyllian Gunther. Documentary exploring the issues of class, race, and culture in urban education through the opening of an experimental high school and following the inaugural freshman class through graduation year.

CIVIL WAR ON WHEELS, directed by Patrick Sumner. Documentary tracing the intersection of the culture of the Kansas/ Missouri Border War as fought out in contemporary demolition derby heats.

CRAZY AND THIEF, directed by Cory McAbee. A seven year old girl takes her two year old brother on a voyage through a world of homemade mythologies by using star graphics found on the streets as navigational tools.

THE CHAIR, directed by Grainger David (Palm d’Or Nominee/ Cannes)

BLACK METAL, directed by Kat Candler

EMERGENCY CONTACT, directed by Jeffrey Ruggles

SLOMO, directed by Josh Izenberg (Jury Award, Best Short Documentary/ SXSW)

OH WILLY… , directed by Emma De Swaef and Marc James Roels (Jury Award, Best Animated Short/ SXSW)

CATNIP EGRESS TO OBLIVION, directed by Jason Willis (Short Film Audience Award/ Sundance)

I COULD LIVE IN HOPE, directed by Frank Mosley

WRONG NUMBER, directed by Patrick Rea

FLOWER, directed by Jesse Koepke

PICTURE A GIRL WITH RED HAIR, directed by Misti Boland

ELECTRIC THEATRE ARCADE, directed by Brad Johnson

HIP HOP ACADEMY, directed by Anthony Ladesich

SPLIT THE CHECK, directed by Patrick Rea

Experimental Films

IN AND OUT, directed by Janet Davidson-Hues

HEAVEN, directed by Jordan Banion & Amanda Butler

TRANSIT, directed by Jeffrey Curtis

ICE SCULPTURES REDESIGNED, directed by Eric Caughey

INNER MARRAKECH, directed by Simo Ezoubeiri

Music Videos

TRAVELLER, directed by Sam Chegni


JUST A LABEL, directed by Christie Dobson

TO WAR, directed by Lysandra Peterson

END OF DAYS, directed by Lysandra Peterson


FLORENCE, KS, directed by Steve Lerner

FROM FOOTBALL TO FUTBOL, directed by Peter Jasso

STRUGGLER’S HILL: A PEOPLE, A COMMUNITY, directed by Jefferson Donald



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