CHARLES BRADLEY: SOUL OF AMERICA, directed by Poull Brien. Captures the extraordinary late in life rise of 62 year old aspiring soul singer Charles Bradley, whose debut album took him from a hard life of poverty, homelessness and tragedy and rocketed him onto Rolling Stone magazine’s top 50 albums of 2011.

COMPLIANCE, directed by Craig Zobel, provocative psychological drama about the dilemma of ethics and power that had everyone talking at the Sundance Film Festival

CORPORATE FM, directed by Kevin McKinney. Engaging new documentary on the impact corporations have on our local radio stations. Features interviews with local radio personalities, musicians and corporate representatives.

DOME OF HEAVEN, directed by Diane Glancy, a contemporary film about an American Indian girl’s struggle for stability in a dysfunctional family.

GIRL WALK // ALL DAY, directed by Jacob Krupnick. A feature-length dance music video and tale of urban exploration that follows three dancers across New York City.

NAILBITER, directed by Patrick Rea, A mother and her daughters seek refuge from a tornado in a storm shelter only to realize they are not alone.

RHINO, directed by Patrick Rea, A college-town pot dealer takes a protege under his wing, but their relationship becomes tense and potentially violent.


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