5/13    4:00 PM     LAC Main Stage

Narrative / 89 min

The Dome of Heaven is a contemporary film about the struggle for stability in a dysfunctional family. The father is Cherokee, the mother is German. They have two grown children, Franklin and Flutie. Flutie gets pushed to the side. She desires to go to college, though she cannot speak in class. Franklin, and their father work as auto mechanics. Their volatile relationship leads to fights, jail, and eventual tragedy.

DIRECTOR Diane Glancy PRODUCERS Diane Glancy, Chris Blunk, Travis Dennett SCREENWRITER Diane Glancy CINEMATOGRAPHY Jeremy Osbern EDITOR Stephen Deaver PRODUCTION DESIGNER Misti Boland SOUND DESIGNER Chris Blunk MUSIC The Randall Family

CAST Wes Studi, Thirza Defoe, Noah Watts, Doug Bauer, Molly Randall, Mark Randall, Dorothy Alexander, David Hall, Susan Monson

ATTENDING in person
Diane Glancy was born in 1941 in Kansas City, Missouri. She is a Cherokee poet, author and playwright. Glancy was awarded a Bachelor of Arts (English literature) from the University of Missouri in 1964, then later continued her education at the University of Central Oklahoma, earning her a Masters degree in English in 1983. In 1988, she was awarded a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Iowa. Glancy is an English professor and began teaching in 1989 at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, teaching Native American literature and creative writing courses.

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