5/12     5:00 PM     LAC Main Stage     (Precedes Charles Bradley: Soul of America)

Documentary Short / 12 min

In 1967, Brute Force had just released his first album on Columbia Records and was on the brink of becoming a star. The Beatles championed his next single, “King of Fuh,” to be released on Apple Records. But dreams of fame and fortune quickly turned into nightmares when the record was censored and permanently shelved. In 2010, Sony and Apple reissued Brute Force’s controversial music from the sixties, giving him another chance to re-capture his dreams of rock stardom.

DIRECTOR Ben Steinbauer EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Bradley Beesley PRODUCER Andrew Fuller CINEMATOGRAPHER Jody Lee Lipes EDITOR Lucy Kreutz MUSIC Brute Force ADDITIONAL CREDITS Sound: Damon Cook, Co-Producer: Michael L. Friedman, Camera: Nick Bentgen, Berndt Mader, Lee Phelan, Additional Sound: Micah Bloomberg


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